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Boys & Girls School

Boys & Girls School
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The Boys School

The Boys’ School at Al Sahwa comprises four sections: click to enlarge

  • Lower Elementary (Grades 1 - 3)

  • Upper Elementary (Grades 4 - 6)

  • Preparatory (Grades 7 - 9)

  • Secondary (Grades 10 - 12)

There are currently 300 boys on roll. The Lower and Upper Elementary sections each consist of three grades with two classes in each of Grades 1-3 and one class in each of Grades 4-6. In Lower Elementary classes there are between 10-17 students. In most of the higher classes there are between 20-25 students.

The aims of the Boys’ School are consistent with those of Al Sahwa Schools as a modern and ambitious centre of education in Oman. The core of these aims is to achieve and sustain excellence in every area of its teaching and activity programmes, maintaining and developing its position as a unique, first-class school.

One of the outstanding features of the Schools' development recently has been the construction of the grassed football field at the rear of the Boys’ School. This has been highly appreciated by the students and their parents, motivating students to be more energetic and enthusiastic about physical fitness and sports skills.

Visits and trips are among the most popular activities in the Boys’ School. Whether intended to enhance the students’ academic attainment or to entertain them, visits and trips broaden students’ horizons, increase their knowledge and widen their experience. They provide valuable opportunities to explore parts of the country and understand aspects of Omani life and environment.

Military training is an outstanding feature of the Boys’ School where students in Grades 9 and 10 are trained to achieve military skills in marching, parading and rifle shooting under the supervision and instruction of the Royal Oman Police. Training takes place on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays, between October and April. A spectacular ceremony is performed to celebrate the graduation of the advanced group of trainees in Grade 10. Certificates, prizes and awards are presented to the graduating students as well as to the ROP trainers.

Many of the graduated students of Al Sahwa Schools have achieved high results in Al Thanawiya Al Am’ah examinations and have joined well known colleges and universities, including Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. Students who have graduated from Al Sahwa Schools and joined SQU have found their studies easier due to their high level of attainment in their studies, including English.

In short, we prepare our students to achieve distinction in their elementary, preparatory and secondary education as well as in their higher education. We do our best to achieve our goals by offering intellectual, cultural and athletic opportunities beyond the scope of the classroom, providing the fundamentals for a lifetime of learning and ongoing substantial success.

 The Girls School

The Girls’ School consists of four sections, 

  • Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3)

  • Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6) 

  • Preparatory (Grades 7-9) 

  • Secondary (Grades 10-12)

There are currently 300 girls on roll.

The Lower and Upper Elementary sections each consist of three grades with two classes in each of Grades 1-3 and one class in each of Grades 4-6. Due to the large number of students who wish to enroll in our school, we have increased the number of classes this year, starting with the lower elementary section. In Lower Elementary classes there are between 10-17 students. In most of the higher classes there are between 20-25 students.

We pay special attention to our Lower Elementary section because the children need to adapt to the more formal demands of life in the main schools. Our teachers (Arabic- and English-speaking) work hard to ensure that we meet not only the requirements of the ‘Basic Education’ programme set by the Ministry of Education, but also a wider range of learning targets consistent with the higher-level needs of our students.

In addition to pursuing academic excellence and ensuring high achievement to enable our students to join reputable universities and other higher education institutions, we believe in the importance of education for personal development. We aim to develop students’ critical thinking, the ability to make objective judgments and to derive logical results.

We encourage students to form and express their ideas in a systematic and organized manner, and to develop their creative abilities so that they may use these skills to solve problems in a logical way.

We believe that we are responsible before Almighty Allah (s.w.) for raising the new generation in the best possible way, to enable them to make a positive contribution to their nation and to the world in all areas of endeavour.

To support our students’ emotional development we try to understand their different needs in childhood through the teenage years and into adulthood. We try to guide them wisely by being loving and understanding yet firm, ensuring that our students know their duties as well as their rights. The School Mosque is a powerful symbol of the Islamic values we promote and visual encouragement for our students to fulfill their religious and spiritual duties.

Our ‘Visits and Trips’ programme is extensive and very well organized to educate and entertain our students. It broadens their horizons and enables them to have first-hand experience of different aspects of their community and country.

The girls are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that are designed to complement the academic programme to give them a good rounded education.


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