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Activity Rooms

In summer 2001, the Schools built two Activity Rooms, one in each of the Boys' andclick to enlarge Girls' Schools, mainly to provide a suitable environment outside the classroom for children in Grades 1-3 to do practical work, some of which can be quite messy!

This is the place where art is taught. There is a large washroom adjacent and the floor is tiled so that cleaning up is easy and quick. It is also a good place for science, particularly when children are involved in experiments or investigative work. There is good storage in each room and we now have many learning resources to make lessons more varied and memorable. Each Activity Room also has three computers so that children can do some simple word-processing 'on-the-spot'.

The teachers of Arabic and Islamic Education can also use the Activity Rooms which are well suited to certain aspects of the 'Life Skills' course (as part of the Basic Education programme) in Grades 1-3.


Al Sahwa Schools has a purpose-built, air-conditioned, on-site Auditorium with tiered armchair seating for 306 people. The stage is suitable for formal occasions as well as for dramatic/musical performances which take place each year.

At the rear of the Auditorium is an integrated control room with equipment to manage the Auditorium lights and sound system. Dramatic/musical performances and Graduation Ceremonies usually make use of radio-microphones as well as pre-recorded video/audio images and music.

Beneath the Auditorium is a large 'Basement' used each day by the Kindergarten for its morning assembly and by P.E. staff for some lessons. It is also where students involved in performances and celebrations can prepare themselves before they go on stage.


Our clinic carries out many duties and activities during the school year. Most of theclick to enlarge work falls into one of the following four categories.

  1. Preventive medicine

The Clinic examines all the new students who join the Schools. We make a health file for every student with his or her medical history.

  • Examination of the students who are going to take part in military training.
  • Vaccination of students according to the Ministry of Health plan for students' vaccinations.
  • Dental examinations for all students by a visiting dentist who reports the results to parents.
  • Eye examinations for all students for errors of refraction. Parents are informed about the results.
  • Supervision of the meals offered at the Schools.
  • Supervision of the general hygiene of the students, staff and the Schools' premises.
  • Examination of the students who are going to take part in different athletic competitions.
  1. Curative medicine

Medical treatment is offered in response to all the cases referred to the Clinic. Individual cases that need special care are referred to other hospitals for specialist treatment.

* Medical treatment is offered to the different cases with chronic diseases like bronchial asthma, diabetes blood disease, and some rare congenital syndromes.
  1. Health education

The School Doctor provides health education from time to time to students and staff in connection with personal health and hygiene.

The Doctor also gives or arranges lectures about certain diseases to our students and staff.

  1. Community activities

The Clinic shares in the Schools' activities through the first aid group which arranges lectures about first aid treatment and other health topics. Each year we also arrange with the Ministry of Health for a blood donation from the school staff.

 Swimming Pool

The Schools has a 25-metre covered swimming pool adjacent to the Sports Hall. Theclick to enlarge pool varies in depth from about 1 metre at one end to about 2 metres at the other. The gradient from one end to the other is not uniform, so there is an area with a flat bottom at the shallow end where children can swim safely.

In Grades 1-6 all students are encouraged to swim. In the early years the emphasis is very much on fun, water confidence and safety. As the students develop, basic strokes are introduced and, when appropriate, diving and other activities. As students enter Grade 7, they are coached to improve their stroke techniques and diving and also learn life saving and play water-based games.

There are also changing facilities for swimmers within the swimming pool compound.

click to enlarge

Regular swimming competitions take place at the pool, sometimes involving other local schools.



Science Labs

There are four dedicated science rooms located on the second floor of the centralclick to enlarge facilities building, midway between the Girls' and Boys' Schools. We have a full time laboratory supervisor to prepare apparatus and assist teaching staff as required.

There are laboratories specifically dedicated to Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as a General Science room.

Each laboratory, like all other teaching rooms in the Schools, has a large whiteboard and can therefore be used for non-practical instruction.

The General Science room also houses a T.V. and video player and a ‘museum’ containing many preserved organisms, skeletons and an impressive array of geological items. This museum particularly concentrates on items from Oman.

Each of the labs accommodates up to 24 students, normally working co-operatively in groups of two or three to carry out practical work. The Biology and Physics labs have flat, formica surfaces whereas the Chemistry lab has a suitable tiled surface.

There is ample glassware and standard apparatus to meet the requirements of the courses taught, as well as teaching and learning resources for each of the sciences. Each lab has its own store room as well as storage cupboards around the room. There are the normal gas, water and electrical supplies one would expect to find in laboratories.

Safety is of paramount importance so each room has fire detection and alarm facilities, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. It has, so far, not been

necessary to use these items, but they are regularly checked and serviced.

Sports Hall

Al Sahwa Schools has a modern and well equipped multi-purpose Sports Hall. Hereclick to enlarge the students have access to a range of sports both in and out of school time.

The Sports Hall is 30m in length and 23m in width. It has a special composite flooring and countersunk removable posts which enable the students to play many sports in a safe environment. The basketball rings are housed on a hydraulic system, ensuring that all students from Grade 1 through to Grade 12 can make full use of this facility.

When either playing for fun or competing against other schools, the Hall has retractable seating which can accommodate around 350 spectators. This facility ensures that Al Sahwa is well supported when playing matches or hosting tournaments.

Adjacent to the Sports Hall is the Fitness Room. Here the older students, under strict supervision, can use a variety of fixed and free weights, exercise bikes and treadmills as part of their P.E. programme or after-school activity.


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